Gain a firm foundation in the Bible and the skills and resources needed to effectively understand and teach the Bible.

Are you seeking deeper biblical understanding or new inspiration in your personal Bible studies?


  • One or two LIVE classes (3-4 hours total)

  • Required reading
    (2-4 books)

  • Video material that you watch whenever convenient (5-10 hours)

  • Discussion forums with other students taking the same course

Our courses & programs:

  • Old Testament Survey
  • Old Testament Interpretation
  • New Testament Survey
  • New Testament Interpretation
  • Church History
  • Apologetics and Evangelism
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Marriage & Parenting
  • Homiletics: Preaching and Teaching
  • World Religions
  • Healthy Doctrine
  • Holy Spirit
  • Church Building and Evangelism Summer Sessions

Experienced Instructors

Your instructors have been teaching for decades and have strong academic and practical experience in teaching the Bible as well as putting it into practice.

Our Teachers:

• Douglas Jacoby
• Joey Harris
• Sam Laing
• Tom Jones
• Dr. Mary Shapiro
• Dr. Mike Shapiro

Price: $199 - USD per course

Apologetics and Evangelism
EarlyBird Price: $149 USD if registered by January 8, 2021
Access to course material: January 16th
Live teaching:
February 6th 15:30 - 19:00 CET 
March 27th 15:30 - 19:00 CET